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Advice to Improve

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I know you guys get this constantly but I was hoping any recently accepted CRNA students could give me some advice on how to improve my resume over the next two-three years before I apply. I am actually hard of hearing and it prevented me from initially pursuing a nursing career but ever since I shadowed a friends CRNA mom I have been mesmerized by the career and think I'd be great at it! My stats are below, I just graduated from an accelerated Masters general program (MSN) that is essentially like an accelerated BSN but with Masters level courses thrown in. And I'm starting at a Level II SICU in September.

BS in Biology: 3.3

MSN: 3.85

Overall Science GPA is JUST 3.0 which really sucks but all required courses for CRNA are pretty much A's

AP I & II, Micro, Pathophysiology, Statistics, PreCalc, Chem- A

Bio I & II, Pharmacology-B

A few C's from Biochem, Genetics, and some other environmental science courses.

I plan on getting my CCRN and of course, taking the GRE's but are these adequate stats to consider applying in the next couple years? What do you suggest to make myself an optimal candidate?Thanks!!!!

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Just from the research that I have done, you look very good on the stats. The only thing I can suggest is improve any sciences that are below a B. Also look at the specific school that you are wanting to apply to and see what their requirements are. Some schools will want different classes, such as one may want Organic Chemistry or Biochemistry whereas another may have other minimal requirements. Be sure to take the GRE if the schools you are interested in requires it. Most do.


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You should get interviews at more than half of the schools you apply to. Then you gotta nail the interview.

If you'd like something to improve, I'd retake the Biochem and get a 4.0. That's the only thing I'd suggest.

I wouldn't waste time trying to improve anything. You meet, or exceed, the requirements for most schools. You might have some 'splaining to do about the 3.0 science GPA, but don't feel this would keep you from getting a seat. I would concentrate on CCRN, GRE and any other certificates / training pertinent to your area.

Thank you all very much! I really appreciate the input :-) ! Are any of you CRNA's now?