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Hi there! I'm seeking some advice...

I'm currently a CNA and have intentions of pursuing my LPN education. My hopes are that once I'm finished with school I'll be able to gain employment with either a Pediatrician or Family Physician. Anyway, I've narrowed my program search down to two part-time programs offered in my area. (Part-time is a MUST) One is through a satellite campus of Penn State, the other is through a local Career and Technology center (Vo-Tech). There is a substantial price difference for the Vo-Tech program - $3,000 less than PSU. And the hours are less as well; T,W,Th from 2pm to 9pm versus Penn State's schedule of T,W,Th 4pm-9:30pm and every other weekend Sat. & Sun. 6am-6pm. Both are 18 month programs. While the Vo-Tech program is cheaper and would leave my weekends available for family and work, I'm wondering if I'll be sacrificing the better education. And once it comes time to seek employment, will the venue where I received my education bear any significance, or do employers basically just want you to be licensed?? Let's say a woman and I are applying for the same position, we're both recently licensed, we have the same experience, yet she received her education from a highly recognized school such as Penn State, and I from a local community career tech school. Am I jeopardizing my future opportunities by opting for the less expensive school with less time commitment? Any advice or experience you can share is greatly appreciated!


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I graduated 7 years ago from an 18 month program in Wilkes-Barre, PA. I took my boards and moved to Florida. I applied for a Florida license and was hired at the first job I applied for. They didn't ask to see transcripts, just the license.

Good luck, I know many CNA's who went on to become LPNs, RNs and even one who went from CNA to Nurse Practitioner.

Again, good luck


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