Advice For Nursing Students that have to Work


Does anyone have any advice as to how they juggled both work and clinicals? I know that it will be difficult but it can be done. I am only looking to work PT like at the most 25 hours a week. I currently work in a hospital doing registration. I'm hoping my boss will work with me but she said she's not sure what she will be able to do. I don't start until another yr so I'm definitely going to start saving but I really need some advice! Please help! What did you do?

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It depends on how your school schedules clinicals. Which depends on how the clinical settings schedule your school. In my area, all of the nursing schools whose info sessions I've attended explained that clinicals are usually 6-2 ish, but can be 2-10 ish. I don't see how anyone could work full time with these types of restraints.

As for me, I hope to get to work 2 days on weekends and maybe 1-2 days during the week.

I start school Monday and the 1st 6 weeks are lecture, day time hours 9-5 ish.

I will need to do graveyard 16 hour days (8 for school and 8 for work)

I'm tired just thinking about it!!