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I'm starting back to school in the Fall and would love some advice on exams through Excelsior! I must take A&P and Micro in the next 5 months. For those who have experience with this program, how long did you need to study to feel proficient? Did you buy Excelsior course guides and were they helpful? I already have textbooks and the free content guide but it would be nice to narrow down the information I need to know a little more. I am not enrolling in Excelsior's nursing program, I just need to pass these two exams to enroll in a local nursing program. All advice appreciated! Thank you.


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I am also in the process of studying for Excelsior's A&P exam. It is a little overwhelming. Okay, that was a major understatement. I think you have to break it down and follow the content outline. I have also been surfing the net and finding some terrific websites.

I would love to hear from anyone who has studied for this exam.

I am also using Excelsior to meet prereq's. I thought I would save micro for the summer. I guess it depends on how well I do on a&p. How much time do you have to study? I am trying to study everyday. It is pretty interesting stuff so the studying for this subject is not so bad.

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I would say spend the $$ on the expanded content guide if you are using all of the texts that they recommend for that course. The expanded guides have pages listed to find the info., if you're using their recommended texts. If you're not, get the free content guide..... it's the exact same thing, other than page numbers and tips on how to study for an independant course.

Good luck!

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