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HELP! I am an RN who just began my first travel assignment at a large hospital (for Maine that is).I desperately need some advice,encouragement and shortcuts to get through the overwhelming info that has been given me in my 2 days of orientation. My first 7p-7a shift consisted of having 5 pts (with a preceptor) along with learning the non-computerized charting system,the many protocols,the meds and ALL the expectations of a very busy cardiac floor.I have been in nursing 20+ years (6 of those in telemetry nursing) but have never ever been faced with anything like this.Is this how all assignments are.I am only being given the 2 nights of orientation and then I'm on my own with 5-6 patients.Any suggestions out there-I would greatly appreciate it.By the way, I just signed up for !!


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Hi RNMaggieD,

I am not a travel nurse, but I am reading pain from your post. I'm curious. When you were hired to this travel agency, what type of orientation did you get from them? Did it include potential expectations from contracted hospitals?


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Originally posted by Mijourney:

Hi RNMaggieD,

Thanks,Mijourney, for getting in touch. Being new to travel nursing I guess I still have a lot to learn about how the agencies operate. In this assignment I am employed by the hospital (this does not happen often I am told).However, expectations were not brought to my attention and after just 2 very confusing nights of orientation I was on my own for the third night!The staff is very helpful but alot has been left to assume, on their part, as to what I know about how their floor functions.Thought maybe there were others that have been in this situation before and could give some advice. Again,thanks for writing.

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