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Advice on employers to apply to and those to avoid


Just received my Oregon RN license by endorsement. Soon to have that golden 1 year experience. 1/2 in ortho/med-surg and 1/2 at a rehab-LTC facility.

Really want to get into Hospice so I took a rehab-LTC position where most of the LTC residents are on Hospice. The day to day work is ok but the patient load has steadily increased to almost 30 patients per RN. When I was hired I was told it 15 would be average and it would never go over 20 per nurse, however new management has decided to go by my current state guidelines that says 30 is ok. Yikes 30!

Knowing this, I'm love to hear from Oregon nurses and your experience. I've heard the hospitals are regulated to 5 patients per RN but not other facilities.

How is the job market for Hospice/LTC? How about orthopedics/rehab? I'm open to both hospital and skilled nursing facilities. Pay isn't as important as getting a position secured before moving. I've looked at the VA but nothing much is posted on their website.

While I'm looking at the Portland/Vancouver Wa area (WA license is pending background check) I'm also ok with checking out Eugene. Hope to be moving by October.

Hello everybody, just checking in to see if anyone has any thoughts on my post. sigh... nothing.

Ok, then can someone who works at the LTC/SNF tell me the patient ratio of a typical RN? That would help me understand what kind of work load I'll be looking at versus the hospital. Thanks in advance.

Love working at Legacy Health. Keep your eye open for openings at "Rehab Services" which is acute inpatient rehab at Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital. Excellent pay, amazing coworkers and management. Love working here. Night shift has a great differential about 40 dollars an hour depending on what your starting pay is, and at most 5-6 patients per night shift. Day shift is great too with more patient/family/interprofessional interaction 3-5 patients depending on acuity and CNA support, etc.

RIO Rehabilitation Institute of Oregon is a great place to work.

Check out glassdoor it seems Oregon is up on technology and post alot there. It gives a better understanding of how places are and pay scales.

sometimes you have to take on the bad to find the good, no place is perfect as much as they want to believe it.