Advice on dealing with CNS that think your better then them...


I started as a CNA (now a new grad LVN) and was very sad to hear the CNAs gossiping that I think I'm better them them. I help out as much as I can. It is steming from a a CNA telling me a resident needed a nurse so when I came to help she said something like, where are my CNAs at and I politely said "u said pt needed a nurse so I came, I don't mind putting her on the toilet anyways" now that CNA is telling others I think I'm better then them and tonight walked right past me banging on the locked door to get into the facility. What do I do?

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If you need assistance and she is deliberately ignoring you I would report her. But I wouldn't give two hoots about what she said. Other people will form their own opinions based on your behavior. Don't worry about foolish gossip.


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Thanks for the reply. I talked to her and stated I did not have a issue with her and we neex to be professional at work. I don't want to report her to the dsd because I don't think anything will be done and then she will know I reported her and I'm fearful that will make things worse.