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I am a Brit RN with 2 years of experience in the UK. I am soon to take the NCLEX and was thinking of applying for some jobs. What areas would you recommend, and do you think that I should be considered as a new grad. The USA appears alien to me, so what do you think I should do. I like Med/Surg and the thought of Telemetry, or oncology. Can you give me some advice. Thanks Emma

Hi EG,

I'm assuming that your experience as a nurse was under socialized medicine. Any of the areas you indicated would be good. I just would recommend you start out working in a hospital environment to get the full impact of the U.S. version of medicine. The type of hospital, i.e. government-supported, nonprofit, for profit, and so on, is what you want to pay closest attention to. This will affect how you can administer care in many cases or even the kinds of patients and families you serve. Best wishes.

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