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Advice on becoming a CNM or a WHNP?

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I am still in school to get my RN degree but will be finished in a little bit over a year and I plan to go on and get my masters degree. In school I have fallen in love with OB / L&D - I love it! So if I know that I want to be in L&D and I know I want to be a nurse practitioner is my only choice CNM? I have always wanted to be a nurse not a doctor and I fear that by becoming a CNM I will take on more of a doctor's role than a nurses. Can anyone give me real insight on if I should become a CNM or if I should be a WHNP? I'm looking to find out the differences in their job duties, schedule and salaries. Anyone in either of those fields that could give me real advice of their journey I would appreciate it so much. I also am concerned about job outlook. I live in Southern Indiana and I looked up jobs in these fields and found very very little. The last thing I want to do is push myself through all of this schooling, end up with all kinds of student loans, and not be able to find a job. I also don't want to do that and end up making very little more than I would if I just was a L&D RN. Another question I have is that I heard that NP programs as of 2015 would be becoming a 4 year degree instead of 2 - 2.5 years has anyone heard of that? I will be in school to get my masters by then but I'm just wondering? I also hear a lot of people talking about Frontier School so I looked it up and I just was wanting to know the pros and cons of getting my CNM from Frontier as opposed to say University of Cincinnati since they both offer distance learning so I could get my degree from where I live now. Thanks to everyone for the help, advice, and information.

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klone has 13 years experience as a MSN, RN and works as a Director of OB Services.

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IMO, a CNM is like a WHNP PLUS. You can do everything a WHNP does, plus you can catch babies. So it depends on what your goals are.

It is true that the organization that licenses NPs is going to start requiring a doctorate in nursing in order to sit for the NP exam, starting in 2015. However, the organization that licenses CNMs is different, and thus far, have not given any indication that they are going to require a doctorate at any time in the near future. So as far as education goes, going with a CNM, if you won't be starting the program in the next year or so, will mean less schooling requirements.

As far as which school, I'm a Frontier student and so I'm biased. However, I really believe that no other graduate nursing program in the country is like Frontier. They REALLY foster a sense of family and community. The history behind Frontier is so awe-inspiring. It's such a prestigious program. I feel privileged to be a part of it. I can't imagine feeling that way about any other nursing program.

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