Advice on alternative nursing roles. Considering leaving nursing altogether.


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  1. Have you quit nursing? How did it go?

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      Yes, best decision I ever made!
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      Yes, but I wish I didn’t
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      No, still regret not leaving when I was younger
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      No, glad I stuck it out

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Hi fellow nurses, I hope some of you can help me with some advice. I have been a nurse for over 8 years now and have worked in Ireland, England and currently working in California. In this time I have gained experience in trauma, ortho, medical, surgical, oncology, haematology and telemetry. I've done chemo and also got student preceptor qualifications in England (but these don't count in America). I just don't enjoy nursing at all any more but I am not entirely sure if it's just because I am sick of floor nursing or if it's nursing in general. I did taste outpatient life while doing chemo as I sometimes worked in the infusion Center. I didn't really enjoy that either. I have only worked in America for a year, so I'm not sure what other options I may have. Nursing is pretty different here. I have asked my boss if I could do the wound care certification and they said it wouldn't be funded but I can't afford to do it myself. I like wound care so I thought maybe a wound care nurse would be a nice job? I've considered masters (already have bsn) but again I don't really have the funds and I don't know if it's worth my time and effort if I end up going back to Europe and it potentially won't be transferable. Or if I do leave nursing should I putting my effort in to a career change now. Is there any niche RN jobs here that I haven't thought of that would get me away from floor nursing. My perfect job would allow me to have flexibility in my schedule (I hate the daily grind of worrying about being one min late clocking in or out!), work from home if I felt like it, still have the option to go to an office, suit an introvert and not be as stressful as floor nursing! I think I have just described my husband's job! (He is an ecommerce project manager)

any advice would be greatly appreciated! I am normally extremely hard working and willing to try anything but right now I am totally lacking motivation. I crave some excitement about going to a job I actually enjoy every day. Does that even exist?


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Have you given serious thought to taking up your husband's line of work?


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Yes I actually have! Obviously every job has it's stressful days but he has sooo much less stress than I do. And loves his job.