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Adventures in the McDonald's drive-through...

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Your post reminded me of a somewhat similar experience (in a Mc Donald's parking lot).

I was driving home from work and was getting home really late. My relief had been late showing up and it was about 9:30pm. My babysitter was upset I was late and I was telling her I was only about 2 miles away.

Suddenly the two cars ahead of me stopped in our lane (far right lane). A fender bender was my guess; I was still trying to appease my babysitter, and was miffed they couldn't have pulled into the Mc Donalds parking lot to exchange info. So I decided to pull through the drive through to go around. I could see a police officer heading over. I glanced over as I pulled through the parking lot and noticed a large doll lying next to the stopped cars.

That's when I slammed on my brakes and hung up on the babysitter.

Because it wasn't a doll. And there hadn't been a fender bender.

A child had slipped away from her mother and had seen Mc Donalds and tried to cross a major road way (3 lanes going each way!). Right before she finished crossing, a car had struck her (sadly, not any of the stopped cars was the one that hit her).

Several people were there milling around and I could see the child struggling, so I stopped. I asked the officer if he wanted help.

"Oh, you're a nurse; thank God!" was his reply, followed by "Get over here!"

I've never realized how much we take our hospital equipment for granted. The little girl appeared to be about 18-24 months old. She had a mouth full of blood and multiple abrasions but was crying and struggling so much, I could conclude she had all her ABC's in order and nothing appeared to be broken. Everyone knows you shouldn't move an MVA victim, but she was stuggling so much that keeping her lying flat was out of the question.

I had someone bring a blanket and we wrapped her up. Vitals were pretty much impossible, but when a child is screaming and thrashing, it's almost more reassuring than if she had laid still and accepted my ministrations.

Then the ambulance arrived and shortly thereafter, her mother. I felt bad for her mother because we have all had times where no matter how vigilant, the child can be fast (especially when Mc Donalds is involved; the child had been heading for the "golden arches") and to see your child, bloody and broken, being loaded into an ambulance and have the police keep you from them because of "questions" had to be even more tortuous.

I never did know the outcome, but I was really glad I could help comfort the baby until help arrived. Based on the minimal injuries I could see (mostly abrasions and a broken tooth) I think she was most likely okay.

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God put you where he needed you!

Just think, this could have been a week in the making. Your kids eating all the cereal last Friday (or whatever!:) put you there!

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Great job! I cannot wait until I get my nursing degree! I have always been a caring person and having the ability to help those in need is something I truly value in Nurses and in other health-care related careers!!!

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Glad you were able to help. I also am a RN. Love hearing stories like this. I always say things happen for a reason. RN's rock.

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