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Advancing in nursing

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I would love some insight/advice from my fellow nurses out there. I am currently an LPN and am looking to get my RN. I've looked into the community college route, but it seems like that would be at least 2 years just trying to get all the proper pre-reqs and then I can apply for the actual RN program. Is there a better way? Is there a faster way?

Nienna Celebrindal

Has 12 years experience.

If you live near a Galen institute I think you can do some of the pre-reqs while in their program, but its been a long time since I met with them so it could be different now.

I did most of mine with South University online, I did their Allied Health AS. All of my credits (even the online labs) were accepted to several community college, and to the Cal State University system. I would HIGHLY advise that you ensure the credits will be accepted at schools near you before doing this or any other online program. And get it in writing! I worked my @$$ off and did it in 18 months. I know people look down on online programs but these were hard classes, I worked very hard for grades and I did learn a lot. I did not have to work as hard in my classes at my CSU.

I know it feels like it takes forever, but it goes by terrifyingly fast. Best of luck to you!