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I have been working on a neuro unit since spring--my first nursing job. I really enjoy the work. We have a neuro critical care unit that is separate from our unit and I really think that I would like to work up to the NCC. Critical care nursing is really where my interest lies.

How long do you reasonably think is a good amount of time to work neuro (we're brain and stroke--a lot of pretty sick patients) before I can go and request the opportunity to go to the NCC? I'm doing really well on my unit--I've had great feedback and evaluations so far. Advice??


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It is not uncommon for nurses to go to Neuro ICUs with no experience. I do believe that the experience you are and have experienced on the neuro unit can only benefit you. With all of that stated, I personally believe that one should give a floor 6 months to a year before going to another floor. This is courtesy to people who have invested time and energy to help you grow and learn. This could take longer depending how secure you feel. Does your hospital have a preceptor program? If so seek out someone from your floor or the floor you wish to join. Speak with the Manager of the ICU and make out a plan to prepare you for the transition. It helps to know what knowledge and skills they are looking for to work in the unit. This would also give you an oppurtunity to meet the management and maybe even some staff. I would let the manager know what your intent is as soon as possible. This would give them the oppurtunity to help guide you better.:nurse:

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