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Hello! I have seen forums for the previous years' application cycles, but not for the class starting fall 2012. Sooo... how's it going for everyone? I take the GRE on Friday (gah!) so of course... Read More

  1. by   soccergrl54
    i thought they didnt do interviews?
  2. by   danceluver
    interviews i believe are only for specific specialties, pmhnp is one of them
  3. by   AnneP85
    that is super exciting!!!! I will ask people I know what kind of questions to expect. Do you know who is doing the interview? i know some of the people who do them. Good luck!!!! I hope I hear soon!
  4. by   jordans
    The email I got was from a woman named Carrie Snider and she said I will be speaking with her and Dr. Susie Adams and Mona Hoehler. I don't know any faculty there so I have no idea what to expect!
  5. by   silverbelle
    How exciting to hear about interviews....! I guess I am going to call on Monday to make sure they have everything they need from me and aren't missing anything...good luck everyone!
  6. by   Rob_RN
    Great to here about the interview jordans!! Good luck to you!
  7. by   AnneP85
    @jordans -- you will do great!! Dr. Adams seems very nice What I was told is they will ask you more about your interview/survey questions in depth. why you want to go in the field, what you understand pmhnp to be etc.. Let me know how it goes!
  8. by   jordans
    Hey guys! So I had my phone interview yesterday. has anyone else had one yet? they told me yesterday was their first day of the first round. i guess the first round refers to those of us who applied by priority deadline? they asked me a few questions about my goals and then it was a lot of them telling me information about the program. they told me that letters go out end of feb/beginning of march but that i should call in a monthish if i don't hear anything. she told me that i am a competitive applicant because i am distance and already have a bsn. i think that's a good thing? haha overall i think it went well but who knows what they are judging on. if anyone else has theirs let me know how it was!
  9. by   jordans
    Is it appropriate to send a thank you note following the phone interview? Or even just en email thanks?
  10. by   Rob_RN
    I would go with a card b/c it's more formal, and make sure I sent one to each individual that was on the phone. That is so great that you have already had your interview and it went well!! Since you were on the first day of interviews, I think that is a really good sign. Since last friday, when I heard that you got the email I have been checking my email quite frequenty ever since. I am just hoping that since I am prespecialty that they might wait and do those interviews last. Who knows? Hopefully we all get in!!
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  11. by   AnneP85
    @Rob_Rn-- I hope so too! I applied by the priority deadline and really hope they are interviewing those who already have a BSN first!!! I have yet to hear and am getting nervous!
  12. by   Rob_RN
    I am a bit nervous also. The fact that we BOTH haven't heard anything and are both prespecialty who applied by priority deadline I guess is a bit comforting. Hopefully we will get an email soon!
  13. by   AnneP85
    I hope so!!!! I applied priority deadline, did you? That will be more comforting to know as well!! I do have a friend who got in awhile back and said she didn't hear until late January/early Feb for her interview.