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Hello everyone:nurse:, Hope all is well... I am very very very very nervous. I applied for uab fnp program for spring 2012, and I wanted to know if anyone has heard anything as far as when we... Read More

  1. by   melrnbcAL
    I was at work Sat, some little voice in my head told me to check the mail as I drove past the box, but just did not do it. I had to work yesterday so when I saw everyone was receiving letters...I asked my son, who was coming down to B'ham to check and see if anything from UAB. Naturally he forgot...Finally I returned home, actually got a little nauseous just before husband checked the box...dang piece at a time..then the big envelope...I was a RN-BSN-MSN student, but not officially in the Psychiatric-Mental Health Primary Care track. Finally I can concentrate on my current stuff and keep that all important GPA up..LOL.
  2. by   melrnbcAL
    I did a double post, this is the edit. I am hoping everyone gets accepted. They have had a record number of applications and I know due to the potential of over saturating the area with BSN students they are decreasing, potentially, the amount by 20 for admission next fall. I really should have done this years ago when I was a resident in Louisiana, but did not have the wisdom I do now, and things change. I am capable of doing so much but have been shot down for lack of the sheepskin hanging on the wall, now it is my turn to tell them na...not busy...LOL
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  3. by   Lize321
    I'm in as well...Adult/Gerontology Track...Congrats everyone!
  4. by   Lize321
    melrnbcAL I told you you were in LOL. Congrats I guess it does sound better coming from UAB though than a stranger. Congrats again!
  5. by   Lize321
    Hey melrnbcAL,

    Could you please email me the patho and roles syllabus please? Just want to kind of start preparing myself mentally. My email is Thank you.

  6. by   melrnbcAL
    I would suggest you get an older version of the patho book, cut out the index, tab it up and have in a seperate binder/folder. I purchased an uptodate book via online from the evolve site. Did wonders, easy to search, especially for test. They are very deep. Also make sure you take patho before the Adv Assess and Diag. It has helped a great deal..... I am to take Pharm/issues the first sememster, NPN psychpharm for summer and research for fall...
  7. by   Reeltime
    I have been accepted into the Adult NP program for fall 2012. Anyone else on this forum attending this program?
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