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  1. Hello all,
    Hoping to get a little guidance. I will graduate as an FNP in October and assuming boards go well, will start working with an orthopedic group in town. The plan is to keep me in the OR as thats where I have the highest skillset. My thought is that if I am going to be working so many cases each week, financially, it would be better to bill for each case independently. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with this. Do I have to form an LLC? Are there any reliable third party billing companies that anyone knows of? Does anyone have any idea on reimbursement rates for surgical cases/where can I find these numbers? I have looked online for hours trying to find this information out and seem to keep striking out. Any help would be very much appreciated!!
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  3. by   birdie22
    I cant speak to the billing/insurance questions, but I'm wondering what type of orthopedic group are you going to be working for? I currently work in the OR and will finish my NP degree next year. I would like to stay and work as an NP in the OR but it seems like that is hard to do. Is it an independent orthopedic group or hospital based? Ive been doing a lot of searching for NP jobs and cant find any in the OR.
  4. by   BSNstudent96
    What is the NP's role in the OR? Just curious because I love surgical nursing!