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  1. Hello all,

    Is anyone currently attending or has graduated from South University online FNP program. I am debating going to the school, I have heard good things but mostly bad. So just wanted to see if anyone out there had some constructive information that could help me make a decision.


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  3. by   ac52366
    I am looking into the program as well and would LOVE to have feedback from a current student or graduate!!
  4. by   Beth232300
    Hoping to hear from some current FNP students ... anyone have any info on South University's program?
  5. by   Grneyzrn
    Ihflanurse is a student there, send a PM if you can. I applied but all my eggs are not in that basket.
  6. by   freedomrn1
    got accepted to the fnp program. scheduled to start in december
  7. by   MonTif
    I am in their FNP program. I graduate on July 7th, 2014. It is a new program and has had some bugs they needed to iron out, but overall I have found it a positive experience. You do need to find your own preceptors and you need to be self motivated to succeed. What questions do you have?
  8. by   freedomrn1
    Thanks MonTif for getting back to me. What were some of the "bugs" they need to iron out? Glad it has been a positive experience. It seems like a pretty "slick" program from the internal marketing of the program ie: the advisors and such.
  9. by   ARussell1983
    I am pursuing my AA in Allied Health Science. I have been a student online for three years and I am about to graduate. I know I am not in the program you are speaking of but if you have any questions about the school let me know!
  10. by   freedomrn1
    I can honestly say that I am not a fan of Pearson learning platforms which is the platform SU MSN FNP program uses. This particular Pearson product is called eCollege. Like all the Pearson learning products it is, in my opinion, too content rich with too many assignment tasks. It is a bit of a pain and I'm not much of a complainer. Also you have to very comfortable navigating an online program and Pearson is probably the most layered, sub layered program out there. So, if you are looking at other schools ask what software learning platform they use. See if you get a straight answer.
  11. by   XxCalebsMoMxX
    HOw is it going otherwise..? I am goign to apply to start in July for the Adult health NP but not online they offer it at a campus 30 minuted from my home one day a week so that is what I am going to do.
  12. by   freedomrn1
    Give it a try and pay month to month.
  13. by   Margo1
    Hey MonTif,

    I am currently in the South Online Program for FNP. I am having the hardest time finding a preceptor for women's health and peds. I am in South Carolina and swear I have called and stopped by every did you set up your preceptors, no one wants to deal with the South Student in Gamecock nation, where USC gets first dibs....I hate to sit out =, but I cannot progress to womens health bc I have no preceptor...
  14. by   NWright712
    is there any guidance offered to help with this issue