Senior BSN looking for online FNP programs right out of school

  1. I'm a senior in a BSN program with plans to graduate this spring. I'm looking to start NP school in the fall part time and work as well. I'm applying to Georgetown and George Washington University because they are the only schools I know of right now that are completely online and accept people who are still obtaining their BSN/do not have RN experience yet. Does anyone know of any other programs that are online and accept students right out of BSN school? thanks!!
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  3. by   tmp25
    Hey longc2, I am currently in the same predicament. I graduate next spring as well. From the research I have done, other than the schools mentioned would be: Samford University- BUT- they require campus visits. They actually mention on their website that they accept students that do not have work experience. Another program I am looking into is South University. When I talked to the admissions counselor and asked her when I could begin applying, she told me as soon as I am licensed in my state of residence, I can go ahead and apply. That program is fully online and they have rolling admission. Every month and a half they begin a new set of classes with new students. (The start date that I would probably be interested in would be June 2014). If I find out about any more I will post here.
  4. by   TashaLPN2006RN2012
    University of Cincinnati will allow you to apply and get provisional acceptance prior to graduation, Georgetown University, Simmons University, Maryville (I think), and South will let you do your application but they will NOT look at it until your license is active (if not already a licences ADN RN) AND your degree must be conferred before they will render a decision, although I've not heard of anyone being denied acceptance to South ever either. My friend here in FL started the program, but has since begun applying elsewhere, she doesn't care for it. I decided not to apply their myself and go with a program that has better pass rates (South won't tell you their pass rates, because they don't have any).
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    I would be leery of any school that does not publish their pass rate...
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