On call?

  1. I interviewed for a position today at a pedi clinic, which is where I'd love to work. Everything so far sounded good except for the on call responsibilities. It's 4 providers in the group who rotate, each rotation lasting one month. Is this reasonable? While you won't be on call for 2-3 months at a time, when its your turn , it's a full month of carrying around that pager. I almost wanna suck it up and do it, but I don't wanna burn out either.

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  3. by   nitasarn
    It seems reasonable to me, but do you get extra in pay for being on call, or is it figured into you salary.
  4. by   traumaRUs
    What does call mean? You take phone calls? You have to round in the hospital? You take walk ins? Im on call every 4th weekend for approx 20 dialysis units - total of 1000 pts from 0700-1900. Then Im on call for my own 200+ pts from 0700-1900 M-F and thats all the time. We get reimbursed $250/weekend. We get no extra for weekdays.
  5. by   bayouchick02
    On call meaning you carry a pager and respond to all phone calls during the night.....there's no extra incentive for this
  6. by   traumaRUs
    How many calls are averaged per night? An occasional phone call? Or 20 calls per night? My Sunday call is an occasional call while my Saturday call averages 20 calls.
  7. by   bayouchick02
    See, that's what I'm unsure about. They said it can be an average of 5 calls throughout the night, on an average night. I feel that I'd be on edge every night the month I'm on call as I wait for those calls to come in. I'm just a little uneasy about this
  8. by   traumaRUs
    Oh my goodness: 5 calls per night every night for a month!!! Ugh - theres not enough money in the world for that! Yikes.....talk about sleep deprived....
  9. by   bayouchick02
    My thoughts exactly...... I just never know what each night might bring!