NP preceptor needed in Southeast Georgia

  1. Hi all, I am an FNP student in the Southeast Georgia area and will be in need of a preceptor. I am really worried I won't be able to find a preceptor for my practicum component of the program. I am very flexible and willing to drive. If anyone is willing or has recommendations, please send me a PM. Thanks so much!
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  3. by   bbannister
    Hey! Any luck finding someone?
  4. by   Neuro Guy NP
    I'm actually transferring to a good brick and mortar school in my city that arranges my preceptors but allows me to work out my schedule. Thanks though!!!
  5. by   Kixiebelle
    Have you found a preceptor or chosen to transfer schools? If so what kind of a class requirement set back did you have just from the change in class requirements of each school? Thank you for posting, your despair to find a preceptor. I have been looking for over a year now since I started and my next semester is when I have to have the preceptor in place. No takers yet.

  6. by   Neuro Guy NP
    I actually transferred to a school that arranges clinicals for its students. Also I'm no longer FNP student, I'm now in an ACNP program with hopes of enrolling in RNFA program after that!