MSN to NP -how to?

  1. Hi all. I'm in my MSN program right now, graduating December 2014.
    I want to go on to get my NP. The question is how? What do I need to do?
    Do I have to have X amount of clinical experience before starting NP classes?
    What are the different programs? I don't want to do the doctorate, but I don't completely understand the certification programs. I know I want to focus on peds or family practice.
    I'm in the Cincinnati area if that helps.
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  3. by   VTach2013
    What are you doing your MSN in? Each NP program has their specific requirements listed once you visit their website directly. Generally you don't have to have a set amount of clinical hours to start the program. You don't have to do the Doctorate program and a lot NP schools are not switching from MSN to DNP yet as this is only a recommendation. If you want to work with peds and family do an FNP which encompasses peds and adults alike. I would recommend visiting programs websites and seeing what they offer and their requirements. Some programs are online (except clinicals of course) and other are on site learning.
  4. by   VTach2013
    Since you will already have a master's, there are post master certificate programs for FNP. I would def look into that if I were you.
  5. by   tryingtohaveitall
    Wright State in Fairborn has been very good at post masters PNP programs. People drive from Cinci and Columbus for it. Cheaper than OSU and UC.