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Hello All, I am new to this forum and I was just wondering if anyone had applied for the Fall 2013 FNP program at Maryville University? I have applied and thought it would be interesting to meet... Read More

  1. by   niurkasol
    Hello All,
    I just got my acceptance call for fall 2013 at MVU starting August 26th. I'm really happy!!!
  2. by   smartin13
    Just checking in with everyone. I got the call today and I'm in for this fall. I can't wait until we get to go through this together!!!
  3. by   Kris1981
    Congrats Niurka and Smartin!! This is great news for all of us!
  4. by   Noly82
    Hello Everyone

    I just go my acceptance for MVU to start Aug 26th. So excited to be joining you all!!
  5. by   Kris1981
    Congrats that's great Noly
  6. by   niurkasol
    Congrats Smartin and Noly!!!
  7. by   Kris1981
    Hello All,
    So when we start this fall our tentative graduation date will be December 2015 is that correct?

  8. by   keisha e
    Hi there, anyone from Jacksonville Florida attending g the online FNP program? If yes. Any luck finding preceptorship. Does maryville help set up the agreement?
  9. by   Noly82
    Has anyone had there welcome call yet? If so, did you set this up or does Maryville contact you to set it up?
  10. by   smartin13
    I haven't heard anything since I got the acceptance call/email. No info about registering for classes, financial aid, or anything else. I was going to give it a few more days and contact my admissions advisor if I still haven't heard anything. Has anyone gotten any of this info?
  11. by   Kris1981

    I have received financial aid confirmation. No info on welcome call though.

  12. by   pmarie510
    I have just been accepted to start Fall of 2013 I am ready to get going!
  13. by   Kris1981
    Quote from pmarie510
    I have just been accepted to start Fall of 2013 I am ready to get going!