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For Direct Entry Graduates----- Does the rank of the program truly matter?? I am trying to decide what program is best for me and get through a good program with the smallest amount of debt. My... Read More

  1. by   Adenium
    Take a look through the postings here. Many many frequent requests for help in finding a preceptor. People have to be really proactive, and depending on their area or timing of their rotation may just be unlucky. Unfortunately they don't necessarily have the option to just defer - they need a site.

    My program asks that you send in names/sites if you have them and would like to go there, but they do place everyone. Bit of a squeeze this year as we're the first FNP vs. adult cohort. I wouldn't want to have to find my own - even if you find them it might not be a good site for learning. Too much stress already never mind cold-calling offices.

    If you are debating between two schools, why not ask if they can put you in touch with recent grads or people enrolled now? That would give you the best read on local options.
  2. by   myelin
    I wouldn't pay to attend a program that didn't provide my clinical education. I just don't understand how some programs get away with this.
  3. by   meep05
    The say that they assist with finding positions if you stay in Philadelphia . Vanderbilt and case both don't provide clinical sites and they are reputable schools. I wish there was more info on the msn portion of these programs!
  4. by   litchick91
    Does anyone have information regarding finding one's own clinical placements? I'm planning to attend Vandy (one of the programs that requires students to find their own clinical placements if they are out-of-state), and I'm curious to learn about other students' experiences with finding clinical placements at schools like Jeff and Vandy.
  5. by   bbcc
    When I went to my info session at Vanderbilt, they said they had never had a student unable to graduate because of not being able to find a clinical placement. It seemed like they give you more-or-less a pre-approved list and you just have to take the step of actually calling. This doesn't seem to be the case for a lot of other schools, since their students are frequently posting on here about being unable to find preceptors, so I don't know what the difference is, but I didn't get the impression it would be a problem at Vandy. They even have a staff person who helps with clinical placements, so I think it really is just, we have some autonomy and learn professional skills in terms of setting it up, but we're not just left for the wolves.