Critical care salary/night diff

  1. I am currently negotiating a new contract and would like feedback from other critical care NPs. I am one of five NPs who cover a Neuro ICU 24/7 in a level 1 trauma center applying for comprehensive stroke center status. At night, we work independently covering our ICU average census is 10, neuro floor average census 25+, average consults/admissions from the ED 7, answer all nursing calls, and field calls from the outpatient clinic. An MD is available by phone. We are training to do LPs, intubations, and line placements. Currently, these are done on days. During day shift, we work with an intensivist. We do not have a resident program.

    If you work in a similar environment, how are you compensated? Are you paid a night differential? In what area of the country or state is your hospital located?

    Thank you for your responses!
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  3. by   juan de la cruz
    California...paid per hour with night shift differential at 16% of hourly rate, approved holidays are time and a half. We have a call structure where an NP is scheduled to be on stand-by call in case additional staff is needed to come in for work...if the NP is on call, they get 1/2 of hourly rate for being on call, if asked to come in to work, time and half starts as soon as the NP walks in the hospital door.
  4. by   core0
    Georgia salaried. Night shift is a $30k differential.
  5. by   babyNP.
    I work 24s mostly and we get paid a 12% differential added to our entire salary for working nights/holidays/weekends. No MD in house but will come in if we need them. I work in the northwest.