Best way to get from BSN to NP

  1. I am in the process of getting my BSN now. (Actually I am waiting to hear back what I hope will be acceptances to BSN programs.) I am an (ahem) "mature" student. I already have a BA in Biology. I would like to eventually be a NP in gerontology. I didn't know about the MEPN programs when I was applying to nursing schools (duh). So I'm wondering, given that I will have a BSN, what are some of my options for becoming an NP?

    I know, and totally agree, that experience is crucial. I plan to get as much hospital experience as possible. I also, however, don't want to wait too long to move forward, given my age. I'm wondering, for example, if there are any NP programs that take students right out of a BSN. Can I work toward an NP while working part-time with a mentor, for example?

    (I also know about the DNP/Masters NP debate. I'm hoping I can get a Masters NP, at least to start.)

    Thanks so much to anyone who can help.
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