1. I failed the AANP six weeks ago after studying for six weeks straight after graduation. I was totally devastated. I did my CEUs and reapplied but felt really opposed to retaking it, a personal thing for me. I had great grades in school and have never failed a test in my life. So I decide to go after to the ANCC.. Some thought I was crazy.. But I went and took it today and got a Congratulations at the end!! So.. I studied for 6 weeks after my failure.. Took a review course.. Bought the 1200 page FNP review book from ANCC and now it's all over!! So happy..
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  3. by   RainieRN
    First of all... I want to say "Congradulations!" What a milestone you have just accomplished. I am studying for the exam right now. I am struggling on which exam to take. The AANP is more clinical while the ANCC is only half clinical and half non-clinical. I think I would do well with the non-clinical stuff, it's stuff that I am used to doing. All my classmates and friend have taken the AANP. Can you give me some advice on what you think? What helped you the most on passing your exam?
  4. by   jenniferm1023
    I really thought I would do better with the AANP. Which is why i chose it. I did the Fitzgerald review, went through the Leik book and really thought that was the way to go for me and I just did not do well with the questions. I scored a 426. I had a great GPA in grad school and had studied pretty intently. This second six weeks I did the APEA review, the review tests from, and the big thick ANCC review guide, as well as the Buppert text. I felt better prepared as I was answering those questions, they seemed more straight forward and I finished the exam in less time. I personally felt much more comfortable with the ANCC exam when it was all said and done and am glad that I took it. I guess it's really personal preference and how your school prepares you.
  5. by   manhow
    @jenniferm1023, Did you order the ANCC review guide from the ANCC website?
  6. by   jenniferm1023
    I didn't order it directly.. I bought it used from someone on EBay. It was 1200 pages long but I found it very helpful for me.
  7. by   lmccrn62
    Our school recommended the AANP. I took and passed the class . I liked the clinical focus better than all the other stuff.