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I am in my first semester of FNP school and taking advanced patho. I have been a good student and have good study skills. So far I have made horrible grades on the tests along with the rest of my class. No curve as been given. It is an online program and there are no lectures only assigned readings. I am wondering if anyone has any tips on passing patho or resource sites for notes, questions, ect. Any help would be great



Try to find the study guide for your book? That might help.

which program is it?


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Agree with future, perhaps there is a study guide or online site that goes along with your book (sometimes the books have codes that link you to online material through the publisher?)

Also, here I think technology really will be your friend... especially YouTube. There are loads of pathophysiology videos out there, broken down by systems and topics, posted by professors of schools of nursing or schools of medicine. Maybe find some to follow and subscribe, or pick and choose based on topics that you would like to supplement from your reading? If you search 'rochester school of nursing wolf' in YouTube it will give you alot of pathophysiology videos geared for nursing posted by an acute care NP Prof.

Also, if you happen to be an Apple product user, you can download their iTunes U (university) app and search for advanced pathophysiology for audio files that you can stream and listen to. I did something similar to this for my peds rotation, it was bunches of podcasts related to pediatric case scenarios for medical students.

Also, there are 'official' online reviews for patho that offer CE credit (Fitzgerald) but they are very pricy.

I go to a B&M school with on campus lectures/ simulations/ skills activities etc. and STILL supplement my studying with stuff like this- especially for procedural skills and diagnostic test interpretation. I like to read it/ hear it/ watch it to make it all stick : )

Good luck to you and hang in there!