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Advanced Math Classes....Beyond College Algebra!

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I have not taken any math beyond Statistics and College Algebra, so I am curious, and somewhat ignorant, about advanced classes such as Trigonometry and Calculus. How do they compare to College Algebra? Are they completely different, or do they build on the algebra? Do you use what you learned in College Algebra in those classes? Also, has anyone ever taken one of these and felt like it was easier than algebra? Just curious!

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i LOVE math. Trig builds a lot on intermediate algebra, but it incorporates a good amount of geometry in there as well. Calculus at its core builds a lot on trigonometric concepts, after that if your head is still on straight, it's a lot more algebra than geometry.

It looks daunting, but math is so much fun because it's completely logical and predictable. And honestly...if you can walk across the street and not get hit by a car...congratulations honey you're doing trig ;)

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