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Hello Everyone,

I was wondering if there are any NP's who are going back to CRNA school or who have. I've been a nurse 5 years now. Started out in med/surg 2 yrs and then cardiac stepdown 2 years Currently I am in an Adult NP program, but CRNA has always been my dream career. I just started in a cardiac ICU in jan, and by the time i graduate with my NP in 2012, I will have 2 1/2 years of ICU experience. I do need a college chemistry and the GRE and plan to take the CCRN when I earn enough hours. I was wondering if anyone has any advice for me. Do CRNA programs look down at you because of the NP, or is it something that will help me? Any advice is appreciated. :D



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Hello Everyone,

Do CRNA programs look down at you because of the NP, or is it something that will help me?

I think it is a neutral with pro's and con's. You will have current ICU experience so that will be in your favor, and they will look at all the same things-science grades, GRE (if that is required) etc. You will need to convince a program that you are committed, you know what you are getting into, and you won't bail out when things get tough. The clinical experience is different and will require a lot more time from you.


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I'm in a similar situation. I have been a nurse on a surgical stepdown unit for three years. I then transferred to the SICU and have been working there for almost 1 year. I'm also in an Adult NP program and will be finishing Spring 2011. I'm planning on obtaining my CCRN in the summer and applying to two CRNA programs in December.

My intentions of obtaining my MSN was to improve my 'not-so-competitive' gpa. I wasn't the greatest student in my early undergrad semesters. It just so happens to be leading to an Adult NP degree. I've obtained excellent grades since going back to school to obtain my BSN from an ASN. So by the end of my Adult NP program, my gpa should be 3.3-3.4ish.

If my first attempt doesn't result in an acceptance letter, I'll take General Chem 1 over again since I got a C (aloooong time ago) the first time around. If I do get a rejection letter, at least I'll still have my Adult-NP to fall back on. But hopefully, CRNA works out, because that's what I'm more passionate about.

Good luck to you.


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thanks everyone for the comments. much appreciated. loveanesthesia-i appreciate your honesty. i understand it will be more challenging. in what way would you say the clinical is different? more hours? i have some ways to go but hopefully i will be there when the time comes. thanks ! and pnut, i agree my gpa is much higher than my adn program right now. good luck to you as well !