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I am currently a first year student in the SUNY Stony Brook ANP distance-learning program. Wanted to reach out to the greater AN community in hopes of advice, suggestions or even possible leads for potential clinical placement sites for Fall 2015 (believe it or not, our sites will be finalized in early Spring 2015 semester...).

My nursing background has been in med-surg for over 3 years and I have recently transitioned to telemetry in hopes of diversifying my knowledge by learning an entirely new specialty; thus far it has been well-worth the risk. My tenure at the hospital has decorated with a variety of continuing ed, quality improvement and patient education initiatives and projects.

I am willing to travel throughout Manhattan and Queens, Westchester and even into Fairfield County, CT; I have a car and don't mind hitting the road for the right opportunity.

Thanks for reading.

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Will move to student NP forum for more views. Best wishes

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I just graduated from Stony Brook's ANP program and finding my own preceptors was the. Bain of my existence. Anyway start with people you know NPs or MDs you may work with, or your own private physician. Also join the NPA and its Long Island chapter because both the main NPA website and the Long Island chapter maintain lists of people open to precepting. The website also has a list of preceptors, but this list may be old. Final resource are the professors in the program because it is in the program's best interest that they help you find a preceptor because it does not look good for their numbers if people drop out the program because of the inability to find a preceptor. Good luck!