Adult Health Acute Care CNS or NP? What is the difference?


Hi all! :jester: Been a while since I have been on here... looking to get an advanced degree and want to know what the difference is between a CNS and an NP? Also, I want to go into Cardiac Nursing as an advanced RN... the only school in driving distance to me that offers anything close to this is in the area of Adult Health Acute Care (that is the title of the program). Will this "Adult Health Acute Care" cover Cardiology?? I do not have any programs near me that specialize in Cardiac nursing specifically.

Much thanks! :redpinkhe Epona :nurse:

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Here, the CNS types don't really get to do anything extra so aside from increased remuneration by your employer I don't see a point. Then again, the only CNS I've known was a department director turned college teacher.