Adult/Gero NP adding FNP certificate. CE requirements?

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I am currently a Primary Care Adult/Geri NP licensed in NJ and NY and would like to add a post-Master's FNP certification to expand my job options. I found a bunch of programs but not sure what's required to maintain the certification. Do I have to maintain separate CEs (150 hours x 2=300 CE hours) for Adult/Gero and Family NP even though the only difference is the Peds? Or can I just do the 150 hours for Family NP since it already includes the Adult/Geri NP requirements? I'm certified with ANCC.

Do I have to take the Board exam to be able to see children and claim FNP status or is the graduation from the program sufficient? It's my understanding that in some states, you don't need a board certification to be able to practice as an NP.

Also, what's the role of the State Nursing Board when it comes to adding a post-Master's certificate? Are they involved in anyway?

Has anyone here gone through the process of adding the post-Master's certificate?

Any information would be appreciated. :)

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I've added two post-MSN certs. My MSN is Management and Leadership (non-clinical).

My two foci are different populations: adult and children. So...yes, I have to maintain two separate certifications, two separate CME logs.

And at least in IL, you are required to be certified so yes, I took two certification exams.

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So...yes, I have to maintain two separate certifications, two separate CME logs.

So does that mean you have to have 300 hours of CMEs? Or can you count most of the Adult NP CMEs towards the Family NP CME as well? In other words, can you use the same CME hours for both certifications if they are relevant?

Specializes in Nephrology, Cardiology, ER, ICU.

Rarely are mine relevant as they cover two different populations foci. I use the pharm, general assessment and sometimes my trauma CME also covers the spectrum of birth to death. Yes, I do usually try to get as close to 300 hours as possible.

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