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ADN vs BSN help

GANDA GANDA (New) New Student

I posted this in another section and I think it better fits under this section...

Hello. I’m a senior in high school and I’m having trouble deciding between getting an ASN (ADN) or a BSN first. I always thought that getting an ASN is better because I can work early and it cost less but after looking at the requirements, I realized that it was gonna take me 4 years to complete my associates which is so weird because I will be going to school full time. The associates for nursing are all by lottery meaning they put your name in a box and if they draw it then you’re in and if you don’t then good luck (basically not guaranteed you will be in). That’s why I need to take a whole lot of prerequisites because the community colleges have different requirements. With the BSN, the 4 yearprograms are either from schools that are 2 hours away from me or private schools (aka super expensive). The BSN programs near me are all 5 years.

 So that’s my problem, I don’t know what route to go in. All I want to do is to work early and have a degree without having so much loans. Any feedback would be amazing...

I have a bachelor's in biology and if I could go back in time and been given some guidance about how life really is in the real world, I would say: community college ADN and CLEP as much as you can. I didn't find out about CLEP until my senior year in college so I couldn't do much (all the "college success" meetings and mandatory academic counseling to enroll in classes each semester and not one time did any of them mention CLEP 🤑) but yeah, for the associates prereqs you can definitely test out of psychology, developmental psych, comp 1, intro chem, intro bio, college algebra, so you might only have to do anatomy 1 and 2 and Microbiology. $85 a clep test vs. $1000 a class, plus your time.


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