ADN RN from USA recently relocated to Ontario


Hi everyone!! I'm a newbie seeking for help. I recently relocated from US to Ontario last week, due to my family. I have associate degree in nursing in the states with 4 years med-surg. experience as RN and 2 1/2years experience as LPN. I had completed my assessment with the College of Nurses of Ontario last year with option to withdraw or provide more educational equivalence to Baccalaureate Degree. I requested to re-evaluated for RPN which assessment is currently in process. I'm also seeking admission at York University for Post RN-BSCN Internationally Educated Nurses Program. My questions are:

1. Will I be qualified to take RPN exam and practice as RPN while pursuing my BSCN degree?

2. Anyone in same boat or had been through this before?

3. Anyone been through York University Post RN-BSCN IEN program or currently attending now?

I really appreciate your kind input or advice for me. God bless!

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Welcome. The only question I can address is #1. If the college finds you are eligible and you pass the CRPNE then you will be able to work as an RPN while going to school.

Best of luck.


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tnx Lori

pinky ayroso

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hi ,

when are you going to take your rpn?


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Hi pink,

i'm still waiting for eligiblilty letter from CNO. Hopefully, I will hear from them soon.

Did u get eligibility from them to take the RPN?