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Is the wait for the Santa Ana ADN program really at least 2 to 2.5 years?! I've been reading so many great things about Santa Ana here and would love to attend that school's program, but the wait is very discouraging. If I do put my name on the wait-list, is it a guarantee that I'll enter the program once a spot is available? Are their pre-reqs English, Micro, Anat., and Phys. and it is when I'm done with those classes that I'm able to meet with a counselor to be waitlisted? If you are currently a student at their program or have graduated from there, how long was your wait? I wanna go to Santa Ana...........F.Y.I. my other choice is Golden West (I was rejected last time I applied to GW).

BTW, is the orientation at SA mandatory?

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Yes the wait is that long. Join the waiting club with me :)

Yes the orientation thing is mandatory because they collect some data off that (if nothing more than just a census of interested prospective students).

Yes you will eventually get in if you do nothing other than wait for that program to call you in.

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Aw I was hoping to hear a different answer! :chuckle I should've applied to Santa Ana sooner, but late is better than nothing..How long have you been waiting? My wait is going on to a year if I count the months before spring '09. The worst thing about waiting is that it feels like my life has been put on hold while others around me are doing their thing :sniff: but I'm 100% the wait is going to be worth it! Can't wait to become a RN! :nurse:

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I just was "approved" to get in line earlier this summer. Still waiting for my number from the nursing department (I should call to find out where that letter is). So... I'll be waiting forever too ;)


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You have to complete ALL pre-requisites before they will take you on the waiting list. You can go to the orientation any time before you turn in your application. You no longer have to meet with a counselor, you just pick up an application in the Veteran Affairs office and then drop it back off when you're finished completing it.

They also take you based on a point system that takes into account your Science pre-requisites, and English. I have a friend who got on the list in Spring of 2007, had 35 points (three A's and a B) and just got in for Fall of 2008. I know someone else who had 25 points, got on the list in Fall of 2007, but got in already because she's an "International Student" and in the EOPS program. Normally, if you have below 30 points, you may have to wait 3 years. People who have C's in all their pre-requisites have been waiting 4-5 years and still aren't in, and their pre-requisites are ready to expire.


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Yikes, my points only add up to 26 points (darn Micro, and it has only been 2 years since I've taken that class)! :banghead:

I'm glad that the appointment with a counselor is no longer necessary - less things for me to do. And it's unfortunate to hear that there are people who have been waiting for 4-5 years to enter a nursing program! :no: I might as well add in my name to SA's wait-list and join the waiting club. Meanwhile, I'll save up some money and think of ways to be productive with my free time. Apgar10, please let me know what number you get, hopefully you'll receive a good number :heartbeat

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