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ADN program at Chamberlain College

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Hi my name is Chelsea I am 17 and looking into the ADN prgram available at Chamberlain. I was wondering if anyone had experiences to share from Chamberlain or with just their nursing in general... I have always wanted to be a nurse and have looked at many schools and this one really spikes my interest. I was interested in the ADN online degree seen as I have a 2 year old son, I basically want to hear from nurses no matter what school they went to. How do you like being a nurse and things of that nature. I appreciate any responses, thank you.


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do you have any experience in the medical field?? if not, i would find it very difficult to do an online program into nursing.. Do they have clinicals?

In all honesty, as a parent of 4 children, I think online course work is even more difficult then being on campus. I know it may seem more flexible, and to some degree it is. However the sheer volume of work involved in an online class can get very intense, and hard to keep up with, especially when you put things off because the baby needs your attention. You have to read everything, more than once and typically that can be hundreds of pages a week. There is no actual lecture for you to sit and absorb info from, or take notes so it is all on you no matter what.

I am a current Chamberlain BSN student, and I can tell you that many of the classes in their program are online even with the brick and mortar school. I have taken online classes before, but was unprepared for the amount of work the classes at Chamberlain require. They have strict rules about how often you need to log in to the course shell, and about late assignments. I do like the way their classes are set up though, it is clear what needs to be done and when! Also the instructors are helpful and open to questions whenever you need them which is a huge plus.

I would look into a traditional ADN program. If this program is completely online, I think it would be incredibly difficult. My 3 years in nursing school were the hardest 3 years of learning I ever went through or could imagine. I think doing it online would be incredibly hard.

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No i am still in high school, I graduate this month. and am going to begin enrolling immediatley into the program in order to start in March.

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I have been in online school since the 8th grade that's why I figured it would be easier for me to go into an online program.. I am more comfortable in that setting. I know I have to report to campus a few times a week to do labs and take assesments so they know that I am learning, etc... I live a couple of hours away from the school that's why I didn't want to take the drive everyday, maybe the best option is to relocate... I know they provide assistance in relocation. I will have to look into that I guess.