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Hello, I'm new to nursing (taking my CNA this fall - that's the next opening). My goal is to become an RN. I'm out of work and am paying the $400 for the CNA and will be driving 45 minutes to class. In order to be accepted into the ADN program, you must be a CNA, take the Emergency Care Course (another $110), and pass the HESI entrance exam. That is my main issue. I'm SCARED about that test! I'm doing what I have to do to get into the program, but what if I fail that test? I'm 36 and did really well on my ACT in high school, and I graduated with academic honors, but I have been out of high school for HALF of my life!! I've got the Kaplan Nursing School Entrance Exams book sitting here next to my laptop, but other than the basic math, reading and vocab - I'm lost!

I'm really freaked out that I'm jumping through all of these hoops when in fact the main issue is the HESI test. I wish the school could simply see my HS and 1 year of college grades, my ACT scores, and realize that I'll work hard and know how to achieve good grades. Testing me on things from 18 years ago seems completely ridiculous. I'd rather just have to re-take chemistry or whatever classes I do poorly in than have to miss out entirely on this nursing career that I've been just DYING to get into.

Anyone else face this and succeed?? I don't want to let fear stop me, but I'm also being realistic. Can studying for six months make a difference?? Thanks!



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Don't worry. You are a good student, and older students are the best. You will not believe how lax most students are, and don't really care. Just be prepared as well as you can. You must be good to be conditionally accepted! Congratulations, you will be an honor student!! :yeah::yeah:


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You will do great! Do you know what sections your school tests on regarding the HESI? There are several sections. I believe there are 7. Not all schools test on all sections. You will probably only have to take math, reading comp, grammar and vocab. There is a study guide that you can look over. I bet you will do GREAT! Find out what sections your school tests on and then get the book. :) I had to take Biology, Chemistry and Anatomy and Physiology in addition to the basics. I did pretty well. I am 31. Good luck!

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