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Ok so I'm about 42 hours in and I'm trying to figure something out... In order to be a FNP, do I simply obtain my MSN and take an exam? or is a FNP another couple of semesters? I mean damn if this is 2+2+2+2 years, could've been an MD by now?!



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You need at least an MSN that meets all clinical and class requirements for your state board and whichever exam you plan to take. The programs that meet these requirements are designated by the school as an FNP MSN, ACNP MSN, or whatever. A "regular MSN" won't meet this requirement in any state, to my knowledge .



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Thank You! and one more question... Aspen university has like a MSN payment option of only $325/month which seems almost too good to be true. Does that make sense to do, or Frontier (oddly never heard of it and it's


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