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Has anyone ever heard of an ADN to MSN program? No BSN involved?

I have heard that has a ADN to MSN program. I'm not sure if you can do it online, but a nurse at the hospital said she was checking into it.

Sure would be nice, but very intense!!!


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has anyone ever heard of an adn to msn program? no bsn involved?

rn to master's degree programs

  • currently, there are 137 programs available nationwide to transition rns with diplomas and associate degrees to the master's degree level (msn, ms or master of science in nursing degree). these programs prepare nurses to assume positions requiring graduate preparation, including the advanced practice roles of nurse practitioner, clinical nurse specialist, certified nurse-midwife and certified registered nurse anesthetist. master's degree-prepared nurses are in high demand as expert clinicians, nurse executives, clinical educators, health policy consultants, and research assistants. the list of rn to msn programs is available online at

  • rn to msn programs generally take about 3 years to complete with specific requirements varying by institution and the student's previous course work. though the majority of these programs are offered in traditional classroom settings, some rn to msn programs are offered largely online or in a blended classroom/online format.
  • the baccalaureate level content missing from diploma and adn programs is built into the front-end of the rn to msn program. mastery of this upper level basic nursing content is necessary for students to move on to graduate study. upon completion, many programs award both the baccalaureate and master's degree.

  • the number of rn to msn programs has doubled within the past 10 years, from 70 programs in 1994 to 137 programs today. according to aacn's 2004 survey of nursing schools, 26 new rn to msn programs are in the planning stages.

if you have the opportunity, take it!


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