ADN/BSN in Puerto Rico?


Hello everyone,

I posted on here because I have posted on the Puerto Rico forum, but its very dead at the moment. Here is my story. I am based in California and currently have a 2.7GPA. I have not taken all my prereqs and have been accepted to start a LVN program end of Jan. So you ask why I am looking at schools in Puerto Rico? Well, I have been reading on here that tuition is low and there is no GPA requirement or prereqs. I also read Puerto Rico offers a 24 month BSN that is accredited for when I want to move back to California.

I would like to know any recent graduates if you can tell me what schools offer this and the cost of living? Also, if you taking the ADN, I've read that its 15 month. Is that true? I did call UMET and spoke to xxxxxx , an instructor, for the nursing program, but told me that I need to call back Monday to speak to the Secretary for more information.

I did look online and states that admission requirements are history of PR, Spanish classes, English, Christian of faith, computer literacy... I did take Spanish 1 and Spanish 2 in high school..will that count? also, I have taken college computer typing accuracy and college level English. For history , I did take a liberal arts history class....will that count? Thanks

Sorry for the rant, but I have a week left before the deadline to pay for the LVN program. :) :)