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ADN to BSN or MSN?


Hello everyone! I'm a current RN program student (in 2nd semester out of 4 semesters). I have a bachelor's in psychology. If I wanted to become a FNP, what do you think is the better route?

1) Post ADN: Get BSN and then go for MSN/NP program?

2) Post ADN: Go to RN-MSN program and then go for NP certification?

I actually started a BSN program last Winter, but now I'm having seconds thoughts.

Timeline wise, both route 1 and 2 are about similar. I assume route 1 is cheaper because, generally speaking, bachelor's degrees are cheaper than master's programs. But, route 2 will get me an MSN, which will give me more of a "status" and flexibility (in the case that I do not want to pursue FNP).

Or, in your experiences, is there another route that I'm not even thinking of?

Thank you all in advance!

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You could also consider an ADN to NP program. There is usually no need for the extra steps.