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Hey all,

I am in my ADN program, and doing quite well, but have a bunch of old credits from past almost 20 years keeping my GPA stuck at 3.02!! When I was appx. 20 I took physics for some unknown reason, and got a D, (also got a D in dance aerobics, but that is a whole 'nother story!), and took a lot of general ed. and art classes, eventaully getting an AA in Interior Design. I did fairly well in most of those classes, with a couple of C's sprinkled in.

In pre-nursing, I got a "B" in chemistry "lab", but ended up withdrawing from chemistry "lecture", as I was doing too poorly, and my transcripts show a "W" for lecture, under the "B" in lab. That chemistry class was a pre-req for Microbiology, but since I was already registered for the following semester in Micro, prior to withdrawing my chem class, I was able to take Microbiology. The withdrawal was never questioned. Unfortunately I got a C in Micro.

So here I am a third semester Nursing student, at almost 38 yrs. of age, working hard, and getting A's and B's in nursing school, and DYING to go on to my BSN and eventually advanced practice! I hadn't thought about my science courses as a problem, as long as my GPA was at least a 3.0, but now the local university of my choice needs a 3.0 in SCIENCE courses. Some of the others, though not stating they need a 3.0 in sciences, just wanting a 3.0 all round, but stating "with a focus on science courses". I was hoping at my age not to have to re-take the old courses, as time is of the essence here. What do you think I need to do? Will they look at the old physics course?! That wasn't even a pre-req for Nursing. And what do you all think of the withdrawn chemistry lec. situation?

I did see where Drexel U. will take a grade of C or better in the nursing, pre-nursing and core english, humanities and sociology, but is quite pricey. Is that the price I pay if I don't retake those sciences? Again my probs. are: "D" in Physics, "W" in Chemistry lecture, and "C" in Microbiology.

Suggestions? Thoughts? Thanks everyone!!!:(


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I would repeat Micro for a B or A, repeat Chem lect, take second semester of chem to replace the physics. Most BSN programs look for two semesters of chem. Other than repeating those courses, I don't know what else you could do, other than look for a program that is not as stringent. There are so many online programs available, you might be able to find one that is less competitive. Good luck.

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