ADN Applicants 2019-2021 Cohort!!!

U.S.A. New Hampshire


Hey y’all!!

I thought I could put a thread together so we can “letter-watch” together.

I applied for NHTI and MCC and will update when I get letters in the mail!!

I have been accepted at LRCC and WMCC, and I spoke with a senior in the nursing program at NHTI. She said we likely won’t hear from them until mid-late March (from the posts here from last year, it appears likely it’ll be towards the end of the month). I’m keeping my fingers crossed I get in; it’s my first choice by a long shot!

Mid to late March still seems so far away :(

My fingers are crossed too. I applied to NHTI and MCC and hope I get into both so I have a choice. Why is NHTI your first choice? I do not know much about either of the programs at MCC or NHTI.

I am anxiously awaiting too. I applied for the LPN to RN bridge. Seems silly to not hear until the end of March with a May start date?!?!

@SoonToBeNurseB, I've been taking all my pre/co-reqs at NHTI so I'm more familiar with the campus, and I really like the location and size. Mostly, though, it's my first choice because they have a pretty great, long-standing reputation for their nursing program compared to LRCC and WMCC (the only other two I applied to). I didn't apply to MCC because it was too far from where I live, but I've also heard good things about their program.

@studisco21 Perhaps you'll hear sooner? The end of March date is only what I heard for first-year entry nursing students. You could try calling admissions; it looks like people were able to call last year and find out when the decisions were made and letters were being mailed out.

**UPDATE** NHTI has made their decisions and we should be expecting letters imminently! So far I know two people who have received theirs, and they were both waitlisted.

Oh my goodness!!! I can’t take it. Haven’t received mine yet. Have you?

I have not! I emailed admissions and she said their final group is being processed and the remaining letters will be going out by the end of this week. I’m hoping that’s a good sign, but you never know.

MCC is also hoping to get their letters out by Friday I called admissions yesterday! The mail lady hasn’t come to my house yet today but I am waiting! I also tried a million ways to find out on SIS like seeing if my advisor changed or if there are holds. There are no indications ☹️

I’m in!! Check your mail y’all, NHTI’s acceptance letters have gone out!!

I’m in too! See you in June ?

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