I haven't been on here for a while because things got all messed up with my prerequisites and I wasn't sure if nursing was ever going to happen for me. Basically, my employer refused to let me adjust my hours to arrive 30 minutes early and leave 30 minutes early in order to get to my A&P class, so I had to drop it.

BUT, I was admitted anyway!! I had applied when I thought I'd be taking A&P and although the application didn't require an admissions essay, I wrote one anyway. I'm not sure what worked because I was told that you DO NOT get admitted without finishing A&P. But I was!! Spring 2010.

I'm freaking!! I thought it wasn't going to happen and now it's just 3 months away! Shazam!

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Congratulations! I'm so happy for you! :)


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I’m extremely happy for you. Good luck in nursing school.


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congrats!! this proves you should not always listen to what others say.


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I am so happy for you. I was just wondering how you got in? I'm so nervous to apply. What were your grades like? Any advice?


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My undergrad GPA was about a 3.3. I got my B.A. in 1995. Most of my science courses are 20 years old but my science GPA was about a 3.8. I did well on the TEAS test and I've been taking other, non-related classes at this school for the last 3 semesters (paralegal) and have a 4.0 in those classes.


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Congratulations! :up:


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Good Job!!

One more day and a wake up to find out if in ADN for me.

And my spider senses aren't tingling - ??

Hopefully the result of your hard work will be an omen for me :-)

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