Admission to ADN program in NC Spring 2017? After August?

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Hello everyone,

This is my first post, I just moved to Fayetteville, NC from Alaska with my military boyfriend who is stationed at Fort Bragg. I gave up on nursing in Alaska because it was so competitive but here there are many nursing programs available and I feel like I am a good candidate. I let my CNA lapse but am going to take a refresh course and take the state test ASAP. I have an Associate of Arts degree already and all of the general classes (Bio, Psy etc.) to apply to an ADN program.

My question is are there any schools that have a Spring enrollment for an Associate program? I have only found schools that start in August and I have missed the deadlines. I really want to start school as soon as I can and I don't want to have to wait an entire year to start. I have been digging and scouring the internet but haven't come up with anything in an 1.5 hour drive radius. I am considering driving farther if I have to but would rather not have to drive 4 hours a day to go to school.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!


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I think most of the CCs in NC start their nursing programs in August. My program has a Fall and Spring start, but it's in Durham which is right on the 1.5 hour mark from Fayetteville. It's also a diploma program, so it's a little different.

Thank you for the response, what school is it? I am getting my CNA renewed shortly and am pretty much ready to start but I missed the deadline for all the schools and odds are we will be moving two years from now.