Administering glargine & another insulin help


Hi guys,

So I know that you don't administer glargine with another insulin in the same syringe, you'll have two syringes.

Is there a wait time between administering the two syringes though? Had a test question that gave two options:

1) Administer glargine, then inject other regular insulin

2) Administer glargine, wait 20 minutes, then administer regular.

The other two options had you mixing the glargine and regular together.

I chose 1, because waiting 20 minutes seemed a bit excessive and you have to give the regular within 45 minutes of the meal and the long acting takes awhile to hit peak.

I don't recall having gone over this specific detail, just that glargine and detemir aren't mixed.

I'm a bit lost on the whole onset/peak/timing only had a few days to really sink my teeth into it, still working out the finer points.


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I would give them at the same time and in different syringes ( as you've already mentioned). Glargine is long acting coverage without a significant peak so it shouldn't really matter if you give them at the same time.


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Thanks for the input! Which charts do you like? I'm a visual learner as well.