Administering chemo as a pregnant RN?

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I am considering a job as an outpatient chemo nurse. Are there guidelines for pregnant nurses administering IV chemo in place in your hospitals? Is this safe?


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Hi. I wish someone would answer this post, as it is a good question, plus, I am interested in the answer. I just have an interest in chemo, as my sister is facing another round in her battle with ovarian cancer. She just started Doxil and had an almost immed allergic reaction, in spite of her pre infusion Decadron, etc. Now, I don't know what they're gonna do with her. I think she's had Cisplatin, Cytoxin, Carboplatin before. I am not sure of all the spellings. Hopefully, someone will answer jbish's question, plus please tell any experience with Doxil and/or ovarian ca. Thanks.

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