adivce from recruiters: post interview rehash

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(I must edit this post so that the title reads ADVICE, but it won't let me so I am just writing it in so everyone knows, I do know how to spell & proofread, but in my excitement I have committed my own pet peeve!!)

So I just had a phone interview for an RN position. I felt like it went well and the recruiter said she thought I would be excellent for the position and she would forward my info on to the nurse manager. So now comes the waiting game where I sit here and rehash the whole interview...would she have told me she thought I would be a good fit if she really felt otherwise? The interview was only an initial screening, but it lasted over 25 minutes. Is that a good thing? It is so hard to gauge people's reactions over the phone, but I am curious to know how sincere she was. I felt like she liked my answers and I asked questions that got her talking as well. Any recruiters have any words of wisdom? I want this so badly. It is my dream job! TIA!

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I've never had a phone interview, so I can't comment on the length of your interview, but I've also never had an interviewer tell me that I would be a good fit and then not hire me. I think that most people are pretty careful not to say things like that if they don't think they want to hire you, because they know that it gives false hope. In the last interview that I had where they didn't hire me (because I had taken a few years off of nursing and because the interviewer felt that the hospital where I had worked previously was too low key to have prepared me to work at her hospital), I could pretty much tell right away that she didn't want to hire me because she began pointing out the above points almost right away. She definitely never told me that I would be a good fit for the position. However, when I interviewed for my current job, the interviewer said things like, "I think you would make a good addition to our team", and "We LOVE experienced Med/Surg RNs!" I was pretty sure that they were going to hire me, and yep, they did.

Good luck! I hope you get the job.