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Has any one heard of a correlation between ADHD medications and increase in bacterial infections, I kid not the md in the office stated this today and because of this he wants to follow every pt on ADHD medications and see them for every illness even aom, because so many other things can be going on . I know when I see a kid who is on meds for ADHD even for a sick visit I check b/p palate liver check wt etc . Thank god he is not my supervising md


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I will admit that I have not heard of that. I did a quick literature search and didn't come up with anything either. Not sure that I would have if I had done a more detailed one either. I wonder what he bases his theory on?!


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I don't have statistics but the absence rate for my ADHD children is not significantly higher overall than my other students. I wonder where he got that information as I would like to see the study.

I realize that I am just one person, but I was diagnosed with ADHD as a child and again as an adult. I have been taking methylphenidate, ritalin, regularly for the last three years and have had no increase in infections or diseases since becoming medicated. I get a few colds a year and suffer from incessant allergies, but that's about it. Hope this helps.