Adelphi Nursing 2022


Hi everyone, so i just got accepted into adelphi's bsn program for fall 2022! I'm probably going to go there for nursing:) Is there anyone in it currently/graduated already that has any helpful reviews and/or tips to survive nursing school at adelphi?


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Hello, I know it's late but I am a nursing senior at Adelphi graduating May of 2019 and I can share my experience with you. I don't know where to start. Give me a few questions to start with and I'll answer it lol The reason why I am saying that is because I've been through so much from applying to the school, to going through clinicals and learning so many strategies to pass classes over the years that it's hard to just jump in to just any question. If you give me a couple at a time, I can answer it lol

It's been a journey man! Again I will be more than happy to answer your questions and CONGRATS on becoming an official nursing student at Adelphi! It will be a challenging journey but I promise you, it's soo worth it! You will enjoy it! I promise


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However if there is one thing I can tell you, DO NOT listen to rate my professor and DO NOT listen to ANYONE of your classmates about ANYTHING. Like, "I heard this professor failed the whole class" or "The test is going to be a million questions and if you get one wrong you fail" or "the hw is not due till next week" any rumors from any of your classmates is most likely to scare the blank out of you. I've taken so many professors who had bad reputations from rate my professor and what other students said and I'm like they were so easy and they were nice. Just because a professor is strict doesn't mean they're hard. listen to you're gut and go to the teacher for any questions. I've had classmates (and I'm sure you had too) that whine and moan and want things spoon fed from teachers. This is nursing school not middle school. If a student failed a class, guess what? They're going to give the professor a bad rep. on rate my professor. So please, focus on you and not what's around you. Don't take any students' word to heart find out for yourself, you'll succeed that way.


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Hello. I'm looking into applying to Adelphi for the spring of 2019. And I just wants to get a run down on the classes. How was clinicals? What were some of the challenges you faced there? Any advice you can give so that I can get somewhat of an idea about the school's program. Thanks in advance!


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Was also looking to apply here after I receive my associates of liberal arts from nassau, do they give money to transfer students?